Voluntary Experience

Lisa Bell, was a volunteer at PNH in 2009/2010 and stayed for one year. Here is a short report to give you an impression of her experiences:
„The PNH girls are some of the warmest young people I have ever met. Despite the unfortunate circumstances that surround these children, every one had a precious gift of love and compassion to share with me.
Thanks to the friendly and relaxed manner of the girls and the Nepalese in general, I soon settled in.

I helped the girls with the studies in the morning and evening, and from time to time they had German lessons, recorder lessons or culture lessons. I also accompanied them to the doctors or different programs and events. I always felt like a member of the PNH-family.

My experiences with the girls, my new sisters, will change and already have changed my way of thinking and have a great impact on my life. I would never choose a different place for voluntary work and loved living here.

If you are searching for an unforgettable experience in Nepal and if you would like to support PNH by doing some voluntary work, you would definitely not regret it and you and the girls will profit from your stay in many different ways.”

Kira, 20 years old, was doing volunteering work on a farm near Kathmandu and visited the PNH and her sponsored girls whenever she had time:
„At least once a week I come to visit the PNH and I am always happy to meet my Nepalese “sisters“. I‘m really impressed with the fact, that the girls manage all the work by themselves, so that for example no cook or cleaner is needed. The girls help each other and nobody seems to be an outsider.
Their friendliness and kindness come from the heart. I really like being here.“