Sponsor a girl

In order to be able to give equal and the best possible support to each girl, we rely on sponsors to financially support the girls until they have completed their formal education and are ready to leave the PNH.

You can make a decisive and lasting difference to one girl’s life.

Most of the girls at the PNH already have a sponsor, but there are still girls who urgently need a sponsor.

You can make a Difference!

You can make a decisive and lasting difference to the life of one of the girls.

Sponsorships are a wonderful way of experiencing the joy of helping a child in need.

Detailed information about PNH sponsorships

Why become a sponsor?

As a sponsor, you are linked to a particular and individual child to whom you give a secure and better future by financing her access to education. You can always write to the child you sponsor, and she will reply.

Through your sponsorship, you give a girl access to education and therefore the possibility of an improved life. Sponsorships change the girls’ lives and will change yours, too. Be a sponsor.

How do I become a sponsor?

You would like to sponsor a certain girl, or you would like to sponsor a girl, but not make the decision who it is going to be?
Then send us an e-mail in English to: sbmoktan@mail.com.np
or write in German to Kinderhilfe Nepal e.V. Mainz.

We will then send you any further documents by post or by e-mail.
The 350€ are to be transferred annually please, to one of our bank accounts.

How do I decide which child to sponsor?

On request, we will send you a list of the girls whom you could sponsor. The girls are introduced briefly by text and photograph.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail (in English, please) to: sbmoktan@mail.com.np

Where does my money go?

The 350€ which you pay annually for the child you sponsor are used exclusively for this child’s school fees.

Your donations benefit that particular child exclusively and directly. You can pay the amount into our Nepalese bank account or into the German donations account of the Kinderhilfe Mainz. If you transfer your donation to the Kinderhilfe Nepal e.V. Mainz, you will receive a contribution receipt. The amount is then transferred directly to us without any deductions. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

You would like to visit the child you sponsor?

It is possible to visit the child you sponsor, but only if you notify us of your plans in advance. Write to us with at least eight weeks’ notice or give us a call.
Tel.: 00977/14420581
e-mail: sbmoktan@mail.com.np

Please remember that not all the children are orphans, and some of the girls spend the school holidays with their families. Since some of these families live in the remotest villages, advance notice is absolutely necessary.

Exchanging letters with the girl you sponsor

You can exchange letters with the girl you sponsor. These communications are a wonderful way of getting to know and learning to understand the child in her environment.

Letters should be written in English. However, the younger girls won’t be able to write a detailed letter in English to you yet. All the same, every girl will be very happy to receive a letter from you. With the younger girls, the letters will be read to them by the others.

The girl will probably write to you between twice and four times a year. In addition, you will receive her school report and a photograph by mail once a year. We ask you to appreciate that the girls cannot write more frequently because of the postage cost and the administrative requirements. Please always remember that the PNH does not have employees, but is run exclusively by the founder’s family and the girls themselves.

Post-schooling sponsorships

The girls’ school education ends after ten years with the so-called SLC (School Leaving Certificate), but their education is by no means complete at this stage because they are not able to live independently or support their families yet. Hence, after leaving school, they still need further support from the PNH and a sponsor.

Depending on the girls’ abilities and wishes, we try to give them the opportunity to attend a college and afterwards go to a university, or else obtain vocational training.

The cost of further education is a multiple of the school fees and varies depending on the subject. We have therefore decided to devise a two-stage sponsorship program. When the children have passed the SLC, the sponsors are informed of the next sponsoring stage: We pass on details of the child’s wishes concerning the subject, and of the cost for the college, university or training institution, and then we decide together with the sponsor if additional sponsors or even a different sponsor should be found for this child.

As a result, we are also seeking sponsors for girls who have completed their school education, whose sponsors are no longer able or willing to carry the cost of their futher education. Please consider if such a sponsorship would be a possibility for you.

Have a heart for one of these girls, and she will be grateful for the rest of her life.

Bank details Nepal

A/C No. 01 0057053 01
Parizat Nestling Home
Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited
New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal
Swiftcode: SCBLNPKA
Bank details Germany

Bank: Genobank eG

Please include the following as reference :
Parizat + purpose of your donation (e.g the name of your sponsored child).
A contribution receipt for Germany can only be issued if you donate via Kinderhilfe Nepal e.V. Mainz.