News about the shelter for girls Parizat Nestling Home (PNH) in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Mai 2015 - New strong earthquake struck Nepal today

Another strong earthquake struck Nepal today, on Tuesday 21th of March, with a magnitude of 7.3, two weeks after more than 8 000 people died in a devastating quake

The girls in the PNH are fine and the old building is still standing, but it is now even more instable than before. Please support the PNH by donating for the demolition of the old building so that the girls can live in a safe environment. Call for donations.

Earthquake relief. Call for donations.

The german based organisation Kinderhilfe Nepal mainz e.V., which is the main sponsor of the PNH has made a call for donation.
The old buildung of the PNH is unfortunately not in good shape and needs to be demolished.
The PNH will also face big problems regarding the epidemics and the shortage of water and food. To cope with the ongoing und upcoming problems it will desperately need your support.
Please donate, either directly to the PNH or to the Kinderhilfe Nepal e.V. Mainz.